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 Broken  Arrow   Blues / Detroit 


  Broken Arrow Blues Band was born on stage at a benefit concert for needy families of the Detroit area Carpenters Union, where four different band’s members came together to produce a great performance for a crowd of over 2000 people in August of 2008. The natural gel and awesome groove produced there at that concert left only one thing to do, run with it and start a new Band. The Band is comprised of ALL Venerated and Seasoned Veteran Blues Musicians from great bands in their own rights.

     Founding Member & Owner, G.Shadowhawk Ellis / Drums ,Vocals & Composer / Arranger. / Writer /Producer

     Mr. Rich Hwang ( Say WONG ) / Guitars and Vocals, Writter / Arranger / Composer

    Gary Rasmussen / Bass :Electric  4 string, / Producer/Arranger

    Mr. Jimmy David on Keys / B-3, & Vocals. ( as needed )

    The band quickly took off in the Detroit Blues Scene, and since, in their 2nd & 3rd years, had started to branch out to the masses at festivals, concerts, and night clubs all over Michigan & The Mid-West US, and now tours nationally, and regularly. The Band now has 5 releases to their credit in 5 short years.  They tour Nationally on a quarterly basis taking their brand of Rockin Detroit Blues & Boogie all over the US & Canada to cheering crowds.

   This band’s original music can be likened to Traditional Blues with heavy rock elements mixed with a Jazz/Fusion flare.The show contains elements of all styles of the Blues, but was best described as "Detroit Style Electric Blues" by many of the people who have seen and heard the Band perform. The first release, “Given Right” is all original and has created a buzz around Michigan and beyond.  Now a seasoned Band on the scene, Broken Arrow Blues is becoming a favorite of many a seasoned Blues fan who recognize all its members from other successful bands. At its core Broken Arrow delivers greasy grooves and rocky edged funky blues to everyone’s enjoyment that has made this Band the one to compare all others to. Considering the short time this Band has been together, it becomes immediately apparent that the Musicians are moving as one, and having a ball doing it!  Since their formation, the band released the first CD in 4 short months, the Band has quickly released a LIVE CD, Recorded at Callahan's Music Hall, in Auburn Hills, Michigan {released in January of 2010}, and another studio effort, "Good Times", recorder at Motor City Sounds Music Studios in Rochester, Michigan and released in June of 2010.  Now the Band has finished their  4th NEW RELEASE "No Time To Waste" recorded at Motor City Sounds Studios in Rochester, Michigan that has been released on Labor Day 2011, and recently released the 2nd LIVE CD and 5th release in 5 years. They have proven they are ready to produce hit after hit of original music know only as Broken Arrow Style Detroit Electric Blues & Boogie!!!!, as the genre it covers mixes many styles and crosses thresholds of many genres and styles combined.

  The Band now sets their sites on National & International touring and is actively seeking an agent to assist in their pursuit of global touring and recognition.

         Broken   Arrow   Blues   Band

Booking / Contact Information



Snail Mail:            9370 Rickett Rd

                             Brighton, Michigan



  Contact Phone Numbers;

G.Shadowhawk Ellis....{248}790-7547

Broken  Arrow   Blues   Band

 Back-Line Provisions


We require :


    3 Vocal mics  {SM58 preferred}


   2 Direct Boxes { 1 Bass, 1- ¼ or XLR “ Aux.}


   Adequate Bass Rig


   Fender Reverb or Deluxe Guitar amp

   {or equivalent}


   4 pc. minimum Drum Kit


   22” Bass, 12-13” Rack Tom, 16” Floor Tom

   Hi-Hat stand and 4 cymbal stands, Snare Stand


All other gear will be transported

 to your site by the Band.